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March 21, 2023

Leading Neighborhood Safety Tips For Arlington

Your neighborhood is a crucial part of your life as it’s the place where you’ll raise your little ones and create long-lasting friendships. It makes sense that you want to help keep it safe. Luckily, you have the ability to do just that by adhering to some straightforward neighborhood safety tips for Arlington. Simply making efforts like connecting with your fellow residents and setting up a home security system will go a long way toward improving the safety of everyone.

1. Purchase A Modern Arlington Home Security System

When you protect your home, you're also safeguarding your neighborhood. By installing a home security system, you're discouraging theft and helping keep prowlers out of your neighborhood. Current systems that allow you to remotely activate lights or view your exterior camera's real-time feed are valuable tools. When you incorporate 24/7 professional monitoring, you'll have a comprehensive line of defense ready to respond regardless of where you are.

2. Get Acquainted With Your Neighbors

Stopping by to say hello when new neighbors move in is a positive neighborhood safety tip, but it’s smart to do a little extra and become acquainted with them. Will their kids go to the same school as yours? Is anyone home during the day? It's likely you will figure out ways to support one another, even if it's simply making a phone call if you see something out of the ordinary. Many neighborhoods will organize get-togethers or have smaller assemblies like card or book clubs. Join in when you can, and if your neighborhood shares information on social media, make certain you have access to it. This is a fantastic way to get instant information on the happenings in your area.

3. Clean Up Your Arlington Property And Surroundings

When a prospective thief observes a poorly maintained house or area, it’s safe to assume they may doubt the degree of its security and consider it a likely target. Try not to make your exterior and neighborhood enticing to criminals. Keep it clean, and be sure bushes and trees near entry points are well-groomed, so you don't by accident create spots to hide. Outdoor video cameras and motion-triggered lights are also great tools to use. If there's an empty lot in the community, organize a volunteer group to keep it free of weeds and well-maintained.

4. Make Plans If You’re Leaving For Vacation

An unoccupied house is always a favorable target. When mail is spilling out of your mailbox or snow is piled up on your driveway, it's quite obvious you're not at home. Asking a neighbor to get your mail or hiring someone to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear is a wise choice. Home automation is also greatly beneficial as you can program lights to turn on at specific times to make it seem like you're on site.

5. Be Careful Of What You Circulate On Social Media Networks

Although you're enthusiastic about a future vacation with your family or a much needed evening out with friends, you don't need to broadcast to everyone when you're going to be gone. Be mindful of what you share on social media networks, even if it's a private community page. Bringing attention to your plans to be absent is never a wise idea.

Boost Safety By Installing a Home Security System From Secure24 Alarm Systems

Discourage criminal behavior at your Arlington home and make your local area less desirable to thieves with a contemporary home security system from Secure24 Alarm Systems. Let us demonstrate how we are able to improve safety with powerful tools like home automation and video surveillance. Simply give us a call at (703) 546-7973 or submit the following form to begin.