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March 01, 2022

Does A Home Security System Work In Arlington?

If you’re like many property owners, you need your property to be protected at all times. but, do home security systems work in Arlington?

The easy answer: affirmative. But you need to pick the most robust devices to find the most from your home security. Not only do the sensors and alarms give superior security, the state-of-the-art components offer a level of convenience and control you could not have thought possible. By adding home automation, security cameras, and easy-to-use tools through a mobile app, you should make your life [[easier|simpler] and safer while also saving money on energy expenses.

Let's pause a moment and see why a home security system from Secure24 Alarm Systems is a great plan for your property.

Indispensable Home Security Components

So you can ensure your Arlington home security system works to the best of its ability, you’ll want these necessary home security features:

  • Door and window sensors: You may find this surprising, but plenty of intruders enter your house through your front door. The other most common points of entry are backyard doors and lower-level windows. For these practices, window and door sensors are considered the base of your security system. When the security system is live and your door or window sensors are tripped, the jarring, high-decibel siren will go off and your 24/7 monitoring professionals will be notified.

  • Touchscreen command center: Don’t look for unresponsive code pads, as easy-to-use touchpads now manage your security devices. These hubs can also manage your automation, cameras, and 24 monitoring.

  • Mobile security app: The biggest home security system let you manage every part of your security system through your security app. Now if an alarm or sensor senses something unusual, you have the option to get an instant alert to your smartphone. Also, arm and disarm your alarms remotely, set smart door locks, arise and lower the thermostat and more.

  • ADT yard signs and window decals: While there is no technology in a yard sign or a window cling, they can warn an aspirational burglar that your house is protected.

Can A Security System Actually Protect Your House In Arlington?

While it might appear like pearl-clutching to install alarms and download an app on your phone when you have deadbolts and reside in a safe town, studies support the notion that an alarm system can still guard your property. For example, a paper from Rutger University says that many intruders will actively steer clear of houses with a security system installed. They’ll instead opt to target a better home that is left unprotected.

That backs up with numbers from the National Council For Home Safety and Security. Their stats state that most burglarized homes don’t have a security system. In fact, unguarded homes are 300% more likely to be broken into than properties that are secured. And while just displaying that your home is protected helps prevent break-ins, other components -- like smart lights and a doorbell security cameras -- can also help dissuade an intruder.

Of course, state-of-the-art security systems can do more than sound an alarm. Today you can use some advanced components and services that make a security system safe and secure.

24/7 Monitoring Is A Priemer Backup To Your Alarms

Does a security system work in Arlington when they don’t have 24-hour monitoring? Having a constant vigilance is always the best ideas and 24-hour monitoring from ADT agents can ensure the authorities arrive to the scene quicker after a tripped sensor.

Monitoring agents will protect you all day long -- whether you are in the house or not. If you’re don’t hear the siren, your agent will get a hold of you and the proper emergency service after a tripped alarm event. Even when you’re still at home, you will be busy making sure family and pets are all wrangled up.

Install The Same Monitored Protection For Fire, Flood, and Emergency Medical Assistance

When you install your home security system, you have the option to cover much more than motion detectors. equipment like flood detectors, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors can be integrated into your complete system. If an disaster is found, your components will trigger just like your door and window alarms. Specifically, the high-decibel signal sounds, your 24-hour monitoring team are contacted, and an alert will come to your smartphone.

You can even get a panic button, which is effortlessly attached to you or a family member with a neck pendant, bracelet, or clip. If someone you live with is a fall emergency or a serious medical condition, they can just employ a two-finger button to call your monitoring agent.

Find Safety, Convenience And Energy Efficiency With Home Automation

The best smart home components give you a level of management and convenience you’ve never had before. They can make your house more energy-savvy and reactive. And when you connect smart devices to your home security, they will also make your home that much safer. For instance:

  • Put your smart lights on a daily schedule to make it seem like your house is occupied when you’re on vacation.

  • Have your hall smart bulbs come on as a outdoor camera senses unusual motion.

  • Use your phone’s location services to secure your locks, flip off your living room lights, and lower the temperature when you leave the house.

  • Make custom scenes that can pre-set your lights, thermostat, alarms, and other equipment with one hit of a button.

  • Or just check on all your alarms and cameras and control your devices with your phone.

Plus, think of the energy you’ll save with smart devices, and you’ll see how much you will want a state-of-the-art home security in Arlington. You will also be able to control your devices with vocal commands when you pair your home security system to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Maintain A View On Your Home With Smart Security Cameras

Security signage and proper lighting are great intrusion disincentives, but video surveillance will take your defense to a better place. The worst thing a burglar wants is to be caught on a video feed as the clip might be used against them in a police investigation. You can pick from outdoor, indoor, and doorbell cameras, all which allow you to see live feeds 24/7.

Do you need to check out the sound you heard in the yard? Would you want to check on the kids when they get home from school? Has a package you’ve been waiting for been delivered yet? All you have to do is to pull up the feed from your ADT Control app. You could also get alerts on your smartphone whenever a guest comes on your porch or they sense sudden motion. You can then speak with who’s there with the 2-way talk feature on your cameras.

How To Get A Home Security System In Arlington?

Are you looking for help in customizing a security system that works in Arlington? Our security professionals can custom-build the perfect alarms, home automation, and cameras that can be used into one affordable package. Call directly at (703) 546-7973 or fill out the form below.